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"Utopia? Without the utopians of other times, men would still live in caves, miserable and naked;...utopia is the principle of all progress, and the essay into a better world." Anatole France

Projects delivered either by Utopia Civil Association or by other organizations with the contribution of our members as project professionals, individuals or consultants.Utopia Civil Association aims to lead by example, to create opportunity and to inspire individuals and communities for a positive change.We believe that professionalism and volunteerism has to go hand in hand in the civil sector. We believe that our dedication and respect for our work willbring a positive change. We believe that as a civil association we can deliver solutions where the for-profit market cannot or does not want to.




Did you Know? - briefly for tolerance 2014

Did you know? - briefly for tolerance 2014 

(NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grants)

BeFiIn 2013/2014

BeFitIn is a project funded by the Swiss Contribution to the EU-Twinning and Partnership Block Grant.The overall objective of BeFitIn is to create a new and sustainable way of integrating migrants into their host society through team sports activity by adapting the specific knowledge and methodology of the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) to the Hungarian setting.Full Title: Integrating migrants to their host country through sports activitiesProgramme: Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme – „Twinning and Partnership Block Grant”
Ref./Contract no.: TPPA/2013/03/16
Duration: 13 monthsLaunch date: September 2013
More information: http://befitin.hu/en/
Partner organisations:
Utopia Civil Association,
HungarySwiss Academy for Development, Switzerland
Foundation of Subjective Values, Hungary


Chinese New Year Festival 2013

Together with Foundation of Subjective Values and Center of Chinese Culture and Arts we wereorganising one of the greatest Chinese New Year Festival in Eastern-Europe on 10th February in Budapest.The program is financed by the European Integration Fund.


Village of Colors 2012/2011

Connection to existing event aimed for children – GyerekszigetEducating children about multicultural diversity with tales and games of foreign cultures.
  • Storytelling and puppet show 
  • Artisan program for preparing authentic toys and tools of each presented culture


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